Play high percentage shot. – Mirror Image Golf

Play high percentage shot.

It is amazing how many amateurs, if only for a brief second, think they’re a combination of Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson and Jordan Spieth. There’s the tree-pond-bush-lake-forest-ocean right in their way to a great shot at the green (which they may not be able to see). For that brief second they fell that can get over-through-around the tree-pond-bush-lake-forest-ocean to the hole for a double eagle! And during that brief second they swing the club and the poor ball smashes into a tree or is lost forever in a watery golf ball grave. The chances of this happening in that situation is 99% (the remaining 1% is when they simply whiff the ball).

Speaking of young Mr. Spieth … remember the 2016 Masters, 4th round, #12.

When you have an unplayable or questionable lie, take the stroke. Take the drop. Hit the ball back. Play it safe. Chose the high percentage shot, the one you know you will be able to achieve. Save your Nicklaus-Woods-Michleson-Spieth heroics for that tricky drawbridge shot that gets you into the dragon’s castle and a chance for a birdie at Black Beard’s Cove miniature golf venue.

Enjoy the game again,